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Studio One Extensions

Offering the very best hair extension services, as I have specialized in hair extensions for over 10 years! I have been certified by Great Lengths, Habit Hand Tied & Hairtalk Handtied, to name a few! These trainings have allowed be to develop my own method, which uses the best application available!


I have been recognized by Behind The Chair & Big Industry Group as an extension expert and have taught twice at Extend Event (a certification training for professionals) 

Enough about me! Lets talk about why you should consider extensions!

Thicker, longer, amazing hair in under 3 hours! (Those of you who experienced the 3-8 hour install method will definitely appreciate this!)

No slippage, easy to hide & less damage then other extension methods!

Re use the hair at least 3 move ups! The better you care for your extensions at home, the longer they will last!

Custom blended colors for every client! We order your hair especially for you, to match your color, texture & density! Custom toning also available when necessary!

I use the very best ethically sourced hair on the market! Do your research! All hair extensions are not ethically sourced, this is one reason we do not accept hair purchased outside my salon!

Supporting staff! If our schedules should ever have a conflict, I have a team I work beside who can care for your extensions as well! We will always make sure you are taken care of!

If you would like to learn more about extensions, Please email by clicking the link below! Make sure to put extensions in the subject line!

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